Things You Should Know About Tow Trucks In Toowoomba

Things You Should Know About Tow Trucks In Toowoomba

Tow Trucks In Toowoomba
About Tow Trucks In Toowoomba

When your car suddenly breaks down, and you are stuck on the side of the road, who do you call? In an emergency like this, tow trucks in Toowoomba come to the rescue. They come to your location and haul your car back to your desired location in the town. Car towing services have an industry of their own, and they can be considered an integral part of our daily lives. But do you know everything about car towing services? In this post, we are going to give you detailed information about towing trucks.

Several types of trucks are used for towing purposes. Each of them has a purpose and is used in different situations.

How many types of trucks are used for towing services?

There are mainly five types of trucks that are used for everyday operations.

  • Wheel-lift
  • Flatbed
  • Integrated tow truck
  • Hook and chain truck
  • Boom tow truck

Let’s have a look at the uses of these different types of trucks.

How wheel-lift trucks are used for car towing?

Wheel-lift trucks are the most popular ones used for towing purposes because it is inexpensive. These trucks have a metal yoke and a chain. It is hooked under the front of the car. A hydraulic lift is used for towing that suspends the front or the rear car wheels. Many vehicle towing companies use it. However, it is not very safe and secured when compared to a flatbed tow truck. Wheel-lift trucks are basically all-purpose vehicles and can be used to tow any time as per convenience. The main issue with this type of truck is that the yoke might damage or scratch the car when it is being transferred.

How are cars towed using a flatbed truck?

Flatbed trucks are known to be the best when it comes to car towing. These trucks are the most sought-after type in terms of transporting vehicles. It comes with a flat and open platform where the vehicles rest while transporting. The flatbed trucks have a hydraulic ramp that allows the cars to drive onto. The cars are often pulled by chains through the hydraulic ramp as well. This is the perfect towing truck to transport valuable cars or the cars that faced a breakdown. As the vehicles can rest on the platform, it is safe, and any chance of damage or scratch is reduced. The best towing service in Toowoomba will send you a flatbed truck when your car breaks down.

When integrated tow trucks are used?

Integrated tow trucks are basically specialized equipment. These trucks are used for heavy vehicle towing purposes. Vans, trucks, and buses are towed with these trucks. It has been built to strength, and it has added axels that provide with stability while towing heavy vehicles. A strengthened arm is another stability feature it has.

How are hook and chain trucks used to tow cars?

These trucks can tow each and every type of car. As the name suggests, it uses a hook and a chain that haul totaled and wrecked cars. It is not used for towing undamaged cars as it might scratch the sides of the vehicle.

When are boom trucks used?

This is a usual towing truck that uses a mounted boom as the method of towing. It can pull cars out of canals and other hard-to-reach spots. It comes with a mobile crane which is ideal for any road emergencies. The benefit of this truck is that it can access places that a regular tow truck cannot.

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