Accident Towing

Accident Towing

Practical, competent, and quick accident towing services in Toowoomba

ITow Towing is a leading provider of Accident Towing in Toowoomba. Experiencing an accident can be highly upsetting and when such an unforeseen event happens; you want recovery service coming on your way as quickly as possible. This is where we at ITow Towing step in. Armed with the most advanced recovery vehicles, highly trained and experienced accident recovery professionals, and a wide presence in Toowoomba across the entire Queensland region, ITow Towing has the capabilities and skills to offer quick and efficient accident recovery services.
Regardless of your location and the nature of the accident, our fleet is fully equipped to carry out the toughest recovery jobs. You will receive a prompt, practical, and competent recovery response at any time of the day or night. Once contacted, we will reach the accident spot on time, evaluate the severity of the mishap quickly and make use of the right equipment accordingly to get the situation under control. No matter how big or small the accident may be, we take each call seriously and take evasive action urgently.

Equipment We Use

At ITow Towing, our fleet can recover all types of vehicles ranging from light private cars to buses, trucks, and other heavy vehicles. Each heavy recovery truck of our fleet comes with a boom and extendable crane that are fitted with dual winches. The winches are robust enough to pull damaged vehicles out of various toughest sites like bogs, steep inclines, underneath bridges, and near powerlines. We use commercial-grade air bags to recover rollover vehicles safely. These air bags help turn the vehicle over gently and make a soft landing. Thus we help minimise damages to your car and your financial loss. Armed with such advanced recovery equipment, we have successfully recovered vehicles from most difficult locations like the river and oceans, deep ditches, and dense bushland.

What makes iTow Towing your ultimate choice for accident recovery services?

• Our accident towing services are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in Toowoomba across Queensland
• Regardless of the location and time of the day or night, we can perform the recovery service successfully
• We provide professional, friendly, quick, and convenient accident recovery service at the most competitive price
• Our fleet of recovery vehicles is regularly serviced, modern, and incorporated with the latest recovery equipment to perform the job safely and smoothly.
• We boast a passionate and friendly team of accident towing professionals who have in-depth knowledge and experience in handling the trickiest situations.
• At ITow Towing, we don’t require any membership to provide Crash towing solutions. Our services are available to anyone seeking Crash towing services in Queensland.
Get a free, no-obligation quote today for accident towing service by giving us a call on 0405-814-266. You can also reach out to us when you go through a vehicle accident in Queensland. We will show up in no time and get you and your vehicle recovered quickly and conveniently.

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