Qualifications And Requirements For Towing or Scrap Car Removal Services

Qualifications And Requirements For Towing or Scrap Car Removal Services

Qualifications & Requirements For Towing or Scrap Car Removal Services
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Tow truck drivers must complete a series of tests and licensing programs before they are allowed to drive in most states. It is reassuring for consumers to know that a tow truck driver has the experience, knowledge and ability to safely move a vehicle from one location to another. The training requirements may also be of interest to those considering a career in towing. Read on to find out what tow truck drivers must do before they can legally perform their duties such as removal of Scrap cars in Toowoomba or the towing of vehicles as per the requirements.

  • Basic requirements: Tow truck drivers are usually required to pass physical and vision tests by their employers before being hired. Most companies also require clean drug tests; some even conduct criminal background checks. All drivers must be 18 years of age or older. A potential professional driver should have a clean driving record and the ability to communicate with customers in a friendly and approachable manner. They also need to be able to accommodate evening, weekend, and holiday shifts, which requires a high degree of scheduling flexibility.
  • Law and State Approvals: Drivers must hold a valid commercial driver’s license if they drive beyond certain limits. This standard varies by location, and some states require all professionals to have certification regardless of the weight of the cargo being transported or the Scrap car removal in Toowoomba. To obtain this special driver’s license, prospective drivers must attend personal training, pass a driver’s license test, and complete a written test.
  • State agency: Like many careers, life as a tow truck driver offers professionals the opportunity to join and participate in several national organizations that offer educational, networking, and training opportunities. Drivers can apply for certification if membership helps future drivers advance their careers. Possible certification options include Light Duty, Medium/Heavy Duty and Heavy Duty Specialist. To obtain certification, you must pass a national exam administered online or at a training facility. Certification must be renewed every five years.

What Are The Driver Qualification For Towing Services?

When you’re ready to take the next step in your towing business, you can complete your certification in person or online. A certification program is available for those with towing experience. There are national standards for tow truck drivers, and training that covers aspects such as customer service, safety, equipment, truck maintenance and accident management. There are three certification levels.

  • Stage 1 – Light Mission: You must meet all state driving requirements for light training in the first stage. Also, within the last five years, one must have 90 days of tow truck experience. After passing the exam, you will receive your certificate within a few days. Level 1 certification allows you to operate trucks with concealed wheel lifts for lifting and towing.
  • Level 2 – Medium/Heavy Duty: The second certification program is the Intermediate level and involves employment with a heavy or medium tow service for one year. It also requires Level 1 certification. The Level 2 test has a written part about theoretical knowledge and a verbal part that tests how you react to real-world situations such as Toowoomba scrap cars removals or towing.
  • Tier 3 – Heavy Recovery Expert: You will receive Heavy Duty certification at the final level. A commercial driver’s license with approval and Level 2 certification is required. Two years of professional experience is also required. The exam consists of a written part to test your theoretical awareness and a verbal part like Level 2. Lift and Tow encourage certification to continue until the third and final level is reached. It will help you become a versatile tow truck driver who can handle a variety of tasks.

There are certain instances where you may not need a driver’s license to be a tow truck driver for performing smaller tasks such as removal of Scrap cars in Toowoomba, but the law states that you must hold a commercial driver’s license before towing over a certain weight limit. Some states may require a commercial license for all tow truck professionals regardless of towing volume. Again, licensing depends on various state regulations, but most states require a license before you can get a towing job.

Rely on professional tow service provided by world-class tow truck drivers. You don’t have to worry about vehicle safety, whether light or heavy commercial transport. The towing system offers fast and efficient loading, incredible durability, and versatility for towing many types of vehicles. ITow Towing is committed to providing the best and most reliable solutions to get our customers out of trouble efficiently and in the shortest possible time. If you run into trouble on the road and your car doesn’t respond, give us a call.

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