How To Maintain Roadside Emergency Kit and How Roadside Assistance Help

How To Maintain Roadside Emergency Kit and How Roadside Assistance Help

How To Maintain Roadside Emergency Kit and How Roadside Assistance Help
How To Maintain Roadside Emergency Kit and How Roadside Assistance Help

As driving has become a part and parcel of our daily lives, we must make sure that we are always prepared for the roadside emergency. Challenges can come your way at any time, so you must have a sufficient supply of essential items that can act as a first line of defence. Roadside emergencies can be minor or significant, and the good news is you can always refer to professional roadside assistance in Toowoomba to handle unexpected situations. Professionals of towing services can carry your damaged vehicle to the nearby service centre, where you can get things sorted.

Although you can call Toowoomba roadside assistance any time of the day, it is best to stay prepared with a checklist of the essential items or an emergency kit to stay prepared for unexpected situations on your way. Read this blog to know what a driver should keep handy in order to fight the situation at the beginning:

1. Prepare And Keep A Well-stocked Emergency Kit

Every driver should maintain an emergency kit to deal with tough situations. Here is a list of items that he should always include in the kit

  • First aid items: Antiseptic liquid or wipes, pain reliever and bandage, and medical prescription for any passenger(if required).
  • Tools and essentials: Pliers, screwdrivers, tire pressure gauge, a spare tire, tire jack, adjustable wrench, jumper cables and a lug wrench, flashlights with extra batteries
  • Communicative tools: A charged mobile phone with a portable charger
  • Signalling devices: A bright coloured flag, reflective triangles or road flares.
  • Food supplies: Non-perishable snacks and water

Apart from the above items, the drivers must also carry a multipurpose tool or a Swiss army knife for various purposes. Also, it is good to keep things like duct tape and zip ties ready, which can help in temporary fixes.

2. Check Your Specific Needs

Every vehicle and its owners or drivers are different. As a result, the requirements will be different. It is best to carefully understand what you may need on the road and customise your roadside emergency kit accordingly. It is also essential to consider the climatic factors of the location in mind. For example, if you are planning to drive on snow capped mountains, you may need non-skid snow chains. You may also need an extra pair of blankets and a shovel for an extra layer of protection. In case you or any of your passengers who have medical conditions, make sure to carry an extra amount of medical items to avoid unwanted scenarios.

3. Make sure You Have Everything in Place

Now, if you have to ensure that every supply is in place, you need to maintain a regular inspection of the tools and supplies in your kit. Check whether all the items in the kit are valid and working properly. Also, make sure that the tools are in good condition and that none of the items are damaged or deteriorated over time. Replace the non-functional or expired items with new ones and make it a habit to conduct regular inspections, which will save you from many challenging situations. If things go out of hand, you can always contact 24-hour Towing Toowoomba and get emergency help.

4. Keep your kit accessible

There is no point in preparing an emergency kit if it cannot be referred to at times of need. When an emergency situation hits, every second becomes important. Make sure you place the emergency kit in a place that is easily accessible. For example, you can plan and place it in the passenger compartment instead of placing it in the trunk, which becomes difficult or impossible to reach during an emergency breakdown. Place all the items in a compact and durable bag so that you get all the required items just when you need them. However, when nothing seems to work as planned, quickly call up professional roadside assistance in Toowoomba and get the desired help.

5. Learn well about basic repairs

Although you do not have to be a car expert, however, it is always good to be educated about simple repairs. Basic about simple repairs helps you handle many difficulties with your car. Get yourself familiarised with activities like how to jump-start your car or how to change the car tire, etc. Such knowledge can become the best weapon for you in times of crisis.

Bottom Line

Staying safe and prepared is important because roadside emergencies can occur anytime. Maintaining and preparing a kit is a meagre investment. However, when you keep the equipment organised and handy, it can save you from big disasters. However, you may have bad days, and the plan of utilising the emergency kit may not work out. In such situations, you can ask for professional roadside assistance in Toowoomba anytime and from anywhere. We at ITow Towing can provide roadside assistance no matter where you are stuck and in which situation you are in.

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