Do away the worries with Accidental towing in Toowoomba

Do away the worries with Accidental towing in Toowoomba

Accidental towing in Toowoomba

Prepare yourself in the event of a car accident or a breakdown on the road. When you’ve been in a vehicle accident, it’s challenging to have your wits about you, especially if you’re in a congested area and need to move your car off the road. When a tow truck arrives, it might be a huge relief, but there are certain things you should know ahead of time to prevent getting overcharged by the Accidental towing in Toowoomba.

Know it all- 

Insurance cover– Make sure you understand what your insurance coverage covers. Many insurers, for example, will only cover the fair cost of towing the car from the accident scene to the nearest approved repairer. Check your insurance policy for specific advice on what to do in the event of an accident. In case of an accident, have your insurer’s phone number in your vehicle and on your phone, as most insurers provide 24/7 towing services in Toowoomba.

It’s your choice– The first tow truck on the scene does not automatically have the authority to tow your vehicle. You have the right to choose who pulls your car and where it’s taken. You have the option of having your automobile towed to a repair shop, your house, a storage yard, or as directed by your insurance company. Before you sign anything, contact your insurance provider to see if they can arrange the tow for you. If you’re unclear or can’t reach your insurer, you have the right to seek advice from someone else. Towing your automobile to your house is an option to explore because it will offer you more time to speak with your insurance and make decisions without feeling rushed.

No maximum fees– Towing and storage fees are not regulated. Thus towing businesses can establish their rates. That means it’s critical to double-check the overall cost of towing and storage and make sure you’re satisfied with the price and value before signing any contract or letting your vehicle be taken away. Please feel free to contact I Tow Towing for the best rates.

Main road towing services– If a problem occurs on the Main Roads network, please contact their Customer Information Centre unless emergency services are required. If Main Roads Control Room Operators, who monitor the web 24 hours a day, assess that a broken down car impedes traffic or is in a dangerous place, the vehicle will be removed to guarantee the safety of all road users. To help transfer the vehicle to a safer area, Main Roads may dispatch a tow truck or a Tilt Slide tow truck in Toowoomba. This service is offered at no cost to you. Motorists can then arrange to have the car taken from that spot to a site where it will be kept, evaluated, or repaired at their own expense.

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